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Where Would I Find Detailed Information On Assembling My Own Pc Board Components (Such As Customized IC Chips,CPUs,GPUs,ETC...)To Fully Create My Own Video Cards,Edge Cards, Memory Chips/Sticks And Things Such As That?

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    These integrated components are too complex and small for someone to do by hand. What I am referring to is the parts that are visible to you on the boards. As a computer engineering student, I have soldered components including resistors on SMT boards. The smaller ones are difficult to solder by hand using our equipment. The smaller resistors on motherboards etc, are up to 20x smaller. The more complex components such as the CPU require incredibly complex manufacturing processes.
    You can read more about SMT boards here:

    Let's take a look at the transistor count in a processor for example. Even the intel 4004 processor from 1971 contained 2,300 transistors.

    You can read about transistors here.
    Quite simply, you cannot do it in the sense that you imply.
    If you are interested in this kind of stuff, I would recommend taking some computer engineering courses or finding some textbooks or reading about it online or in a library.
    You can create some very interesting SMT boards for various applications. From flashing lights and motor control to more complex.
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