WD Mypassport Essential Does not give speed in usb 3.0

i just bought WD my passport Essential SE 1 TB USB3.0
i connected it to my dv6 6121tx usb3 port. but windows say that your device can perform faster. What is this ???
i copied some files to and from my new hdd. But the speed is only around 35 MBPS (both read and write). What should i do ?? :( :( :(
i updated all the drivers and formated all the contents in the hdd preloaded
but still the speed is same. i got the same speed when i connected to usb2 port. so no difference in the speed of usb 2 and usb 3 port .. tell me a suggetion. i came to know that this hdd can read more than 80MBPS and write at 60MBPS.. but i did not get this :( :( :( :( :(
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  1. The port on the left hand side?
  2. yes. My
    device manager shows Renesas usb3 host controller and usb3 root hub. i am sure. it is USB3.0
  3. Ok, try enable write cache.

    Right click drive>properties

    double click your WD my passport>change settings>policies>enable write caching on the device
  4. right click to which drive ?
  5. Any drive will do.
  6. okk.. i got that.. but it does not change any speed.. ?? by enabling write cache i cant remove the hdd without safe removal
  7. What is the size of the file being transfer?
  8. 2 GB..
  9. Sequential?
  10. which means ?
    i hav a 2GB movie file. titanic720p.mkv
    i tried to copy this file.
  11. make sure u r connecting to the blue USB port.

    blue USB port is 3.0. and remaining ports (mostly black) is 2.0.

    even ur computer is 3.0 enable, if u plug into 2.0 port, it will act as 2.0.

    good luck
  12. The dv6 usb 3.0 port is black and they are on the left hand side and marked with "ss" for super speed.
  13. ya my usb 3 port is black. and it is marked as 'ss'.. what will i do for better performance ?
    is my hdd is damaged ? or anything wrong with my laptop ?
    i bought this hdd today
  14. Well, I have absolutely no problem with my dv6's USB 3.0 port.
    Did you use the USB 3.0 cable from my passport to connect the HDD?
  15. yes..
  16. what will i do ?
  17. Then that is fine. USB 3.0 cable is different to 2.0. Check your bios for USB 3.0 controller mode, select xhci.
  18. Do you own a retail copy of this movie?
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