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I need help in solving problem in the removal of the hardware profile/ configuration recovery menu it is a distraction whenever I start my laptop computer. I had tried to right click on the my computer tab, properties, advanced, unchecked the two check marks, then clicked the ok tab, but the problem has not been fixed, can you please instruct me with other procedures that can possibily solve my problem, thanks. P.S. " ;) AT NO COST TO ME".
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  1. Hardware profiles:
    Right click My computer>Properties>Hardware>Hardware profiles
    Under the available hardware profiles, U have a list .
    U can set it to load the first hardware profile on the list by clicking
    "select the first profile listed..........."

    "In the "Available hardware profiles ....", use the arrow buttons to move the hardware profile that you want to use as the default profile to the top position in the list.
    Under Hardware profiles selection, click one of the options that specifies how long Windows waits before automatically loading the default hardware profile.
    If you want the default hardware profile to load automatically without displaying a list during the startup process, click 0 in the Select the first profile listed if I don't select a profile in n seconds box. (If you need to select a different hardware profile, press SPACEBAR during the startup process and choose a profile from the list.) (Microsoft) "

    and, if U don't want a certain profile to appear, then double click the profile in the list, and uncheck the "always include......"
    U can even deleted if you don't use it, and know the other one is ok.
    Click ok.

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