Which is the best and cheapest cpu cooler for stock e8400?

Hi guys,
Which is the best and the cheapest cpu cooler for Core 2 Duo E8400 @ stock clocks?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Best and cheapest just don't compute. The cheapest is far from the best, and the best is anything but cheap. Do you have a price range?

    As to an actual recommendation, I've had good luck with the cooler master hyper TX3, I think it's socket 775 compatible and only costs $20.
  2. I dont need a high end one,So i need a cheaper one but better than the Intel's Stock HSF which keeps the cpu temps below 50 @load and (I think u got my price range from this)and also 20 $ is ok!
  3. Any cooler from other manufacturers other than CM?
  4. +1

    Get Mugen II if you hate CM.
  5. Bluescreendeath said:

    I think this is the best option for an oc e8400,I am not overclicking ,already told u that i need a good one which keeeps my temps below 50 @ load
  6. andy5174 said:

    Get Mugen II if you hate CM.

    I dont hate CM,Just need to know others! :)
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