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looking to buy new RAM, but had a few questions...

does ram timing have anything at all to do with compatibility?

(friend is sending me 4gb ddr2 800 with 5 cas latency and i'm looking to buy 2 more gigs on top of that - but don't want incompatibility issues after the purchase)

secondly, different manufacterers wouldn't make a difference would it?

thanks for any help and input.
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  1. Hi.

    For avoid compatibility issues is better look for a RAM with the same CL, voltage and even the same brand. But usually different brands and CL isn't a problem since the mobo set the specifications automatically for all the RAM.
  2. Buy the same RAM and you'll avoid potential incompatibility issues. If you can't, then try to find a kit from the same manufacturer that has similar characteristics. Running 4 modules always is more challenging.
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