Asus 890gx vs asus crosshair iv formula!!!

after a lot searching i see that in tom's and many sites like xterme,,guru3d,overclockersclub,....
many People reach to 4ghz with asus crosshair iv formula and asus 890gx with 1055t and 1090t!!!
and here is a site that over 1055t to 4 with asus 890gx!!!
the result is same in both what is the difference between the crosshair and asus 890gx in overclocking?
and a better question:
what's best bang for buck?
is it better buy a 1055t with a 890gx and a good graphic card like 5850 and save money for next year and buy new amd platform and new cpu?
or not buy crosshair iv with 4 crossfire support and next year just buy another graphic card and cf it?
i know that news say that amd bulldozer cpu run on am3 socket and you can run it on am3 socket with a bios upgrading!!!
but in new amd platform called Scorpius i am surely that amd bulldozer run a lot better than amd 890fx or any am3!!!!it seems it has quad channel memory and it's not a little thing!!!!
what is your choice?amd 890gx or asus crosshair iv formula and what is your reason if you choose crosshair?
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  1. By ASUS 890GX you mean M4A89GTD PRO, right ?
    Well both are good motherboards, but it doesn't mean that if one site managed to get 4.0Ghz out of 1055t,then all users can achieve that(or higher/lower),because it all depends on the settings that you use and other components too.(such as RAM)
    The main difference between those boards is their chipset,ASUS Crosshair IV has 3 PCI-E slot which supports SLI/CF @ dual x16 mode(or triple @ x16x8x8),also it has better cooling.
    If you want to care about future CPUs,then you can't every buy anything,because there is always something new around the corner.
    If you want to use 3 cards,go with Crosshair,otherwise go with the M4A89GTD PRO.
  2. yes!!!
    you can look at what they have used for benchmark!!!(test setting)about caring cpu i would say:
    a good cooler like noctua nh-d14 or corsair h50 with push and pull is thing for caring is'n it?if now is 2009 and we know bulldozer comes out in 2011 it's good to buy a crosshair iv.but Up to 6 months later amd new's platform comes out and asus comes out corsshair v formula(for example)which has more feature than iv (like quad channel memory).
  3. And when Crosshair V Formula comes out,there will be a new technology announced, so you have to wait for that, and then you can't ever buy anything.
    As for OC'ng,with a good cooler like the ones you mentioned and a good RAM,you can get a decent OC out of 1090t/1055t
  4. so if you want to buy a pc now what will you do?
    1)wait for new platform
    2)crosshair iv formula
    3)amd 890gx
    4)another (like core i5-750 with a p55)
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    Depends on your upgrade cycle and what you want out of the board.

    Personally, Asus Crosshairs has enough life for two year upgrade cycle for me with 1055t and ability for tri crossfire, if Bulldozer will fit in am3 then that may be an upgrade, but the performance of 1055t is not to be snivveled at whatever comes down the road, its like people with q9550 chips in x48 boards, bet most are still very very happy with performance.

    How much money you have makes the choice for you anyways, good question though!
  6. +1^
    I always buy when i don't get the performance i need from my system.So i would say go with a X6 1055T/890GX/FX chipset and it will serve you fine.
  7. maziar maybe you're right.and moricon maybe you're maybe after coming out bulldozer or zambezi best bang for buck still will be 1055t and 890fx system!!!
    also the softwares and games are important!!!that are they compatible with new cpu?
    what is your idea?
  8. There aren't many software/games that benefit from 6 cores, but you'll be fine with them,since a 1055t is quite fast for today's games/apps
  9. so if them don't support cpu's core well !!!we can't see progress in playing games or software like itunes!!
    maybe we should wait more!!!
  10. That's no what i meant, i didn't mean that many apps don't support multi core CPUs, i was talking about "6 cores", currently there aren't many apps/games which benefit from 6 cores,most will run fine on dual cores and some benefit from quad cores.
    Its your choice, but like i mentioned, by waiting you can't every buy anything.
  11. yes you are right!!!next year i will say next year and.....
    but we are near to releasing the new cpu architecture from amd!!!and it will has more advantage Compared with previous amd's processors !!
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