TT Frio OC Cooler v CM Hyper 212 & How to lower fan speed

Thoughts on the Frio OC cooler fan, and the CM Hyper 212? I originally going to by the CM; but was offered a 'free upgrade' to the Frio[was out of stock at a local shop]. After throwing it in my system it's extremely noisy; (it didn't come with any install hardware or anything- if they ever do). Checking the specs it does run extremely loud, in comparison to others, but I think my fan is always running at max speed.

I installed speed fan to check, but I'm not sure which one is my actual CPU cooler. Is there another way, without speedfan, to make it so my cpu cooler actually runs high when it needs to and not at max load when it doesn't need to be? Thanks in advance.

Side note: My goal is to overclock my cpu in the future(3570k) but right now I want to keep it at stock. Which is why I don'tneed the fan speed running so high.
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  1. Make sure speedstep is enabled in the bios and that your cooler is plugged into the cpu fan socket on your mobo.
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