Can I sneakernet HDD hot-swap drives and avoid ESD problems too?

A while ago I purchased a computer tuner to watch and record television and I love doing so. The problem is I now want to upgrade my computer for faster trans-coding to get the transport stream videos I record to an acceptable size for archiving. The next generation Intel CPUs is still a few months away from being available and I don't want to upgrade to old technology. Consequently I purchased a large hot-swap hard drive and a hot-swap port. I thought I will say these large transport stream videos now and when the next generation Intel CPUs come available build myself an additional computer having one near my television and one mostly for trans-coding. I would then use the hot-swap port by my old computer to sneaker-net back and forth between my old and new computers to trans code on one computer and watch these trans-code's on the other. However I started thinking how would this work with the problems of electrostatic charge walking back and forth across the carpet. I have googled many articles on installing hard drives and avoiding electrostatic problems, but nobody is addressing sneaker-netting a hot-swap hard drive. So how do you think this can be done if at all?
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  1. You mean esata drive right?

    No problem. Used esata drive on docks for a long while.
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    Simple..... take off ya sneakers. :) It's the rubber on carpet building up the static charge. As a general precaution, touch the metal case on ya puter before touching any internal components if ya worried about having a static charge.

    E-SATA works great. I love the hot swap 2.5' drive on the DF-85 for exactly that purpose.

    Though, why not simply "share" the drive and copy the files over the network ?
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