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I've got a Jetway MI5-G41SGMD2 mobo which supports DDR2 800MHz speed but I wanna know is there a way to enable native support for DDR2 1066MHz by some BIOS mod or something like that ?
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  1. Probably not: RTFM (Read The Fine Manual)

    If there is a BIOS update which added support for DDR2-1066,
    then MAYBE.

    Contact Jetway.

  2. Hi.

    See answer here

    No, it's not supported but even if the 1066MHz was supported u won't see any performance increase.

    The BIOS upgrade is do it for support new CPU the supported RAM can't be change by that process.
  3. MRFS
    NO jetway doesn't support DDR2-1066 for this mobo even with the latest BIOS update of last month probably because MI5-G41SGMD3 supports DDR3-1066 so it'd be counterproductive for them.
    I was hoping that someone could help me mod/hack its BIOS to enable support for DDR2-1066 or find another BIOS that can be applied to this mobo for PC-8500 RAM.
    The problem is I'm overclocking my CPU but my memory can't go much beyond 950MHz so I'm stuck with little headroom to squeeze out more from the processor !
  4. No, that process only can do it for enable SLI in mobos with chipset AMD, but not for change the supported RAM.
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