Expert - Decoupling capacitors located on a Xeon CPU

I knocked off a few of the Decoupling capacitors on a few Zeon CPU's.

I have the tools to rework them but I lost the parts. Does anyone have the slightest idea what values and types they are? Where can I find this info? A few of them have 5-6 "feet" and others are more standard. I can get those by measuring the good ones.

If you know this you are truly amazing...
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    I am pretty sure they know, i am not so sure if they are willing to give you an answer... at they very least they will ignore you, at the very worst they will try to sell you new ones. Maybe try for an exchange and pay the difference? ;)
  2. Well, it would help if you provided us with the model especially since the Xeon line spans may CPUs with may architectures. But I think the best way to find your answer is to try to hunt down high resolution images of your processor so you can read the values on the capacitors.
  3. Here is a picture.

    Xeon 5240
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    There's no way to tell from the picture what the capacitor values are. They could be anything from 50pF to 1000pF if they're 0603 parts. Decoupling cap values are selected based on parasitic parameters of the mounting board and other requirements of the CPU load spikes.

    You can remove one and measure it with an LRC meter or just experiment with 100pF cap that matches it size.

    The little 8 pin parts are very likely series resistors used to control signal integrity. Their values could be could be anywhere from 10 - 50 Ohms and you may have difficulty measuring them in circuit.

    If you can re-solder the caps and resistor packs on the board, then you're a much better solderer then me. Good Luck.
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  6. I havea hot air and a IR station to work with. Some how I feel this may be very difficult but I'm up for the challenge.

    Thanks you so much for the replay. You helped a lot.
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