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Hello, I have a question and hopefully I can get the skinny for this situation. Here is just some information to outline my hardware setup which, leads to my problem. I own a EVGA nForce 780i (132-CK-NF78) MoBo, I am running (2) GeForce 8800 in SLI mode (slot-01 & slot-03), (2) SSD's which are SATA-2 MoBo limit & W7-U. So here's my question(s) I bought a Intel series 510 SATA-3 SSD, I would like to enjoy the SATA-3 speed, so I need a internal add-on SATA-3 controller. The SATA-3 controllers are everywhere on the web, however they all appear to use the PCIe slot, which I do have one, but it is impossiable to get to bewcause of my (2) 8800 video cards running in SLI mode one of which (slot-01) cannot be moved from it's position according to Nvidia tech support and that video card is covering the PCIe slot for the add-in controller - I am bummed. So, question; do they make a SATA-3 controller that would use a standard PCI slot (which I have a open/clear access to) - ANY help regarding this would greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance and Happy Holidays - KwS in Cleveland, Ohio
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  1. Looks your mobo has 3 x16 slots. 2 of them hold your GPUs leaving the third open. You can install any PCIe device in that slot (PCIe slots are backward compatible with "lesser" PCIe slots, so you can install x16, x8, x4, and x1 devices in a x16 slot).

    Otherwise for a PCI solution, looks like SATA-II is as good as it will get.
  2. Thanks for the reply - well according to the MoBo manufacture (EVGA), the (3) slots and I reference them as 1, 2 & 3 - from top slot (1) to bottom slot (3). Slot (1) top has to be holding a viedo card when using two video cards, which I have running (2) nVidia 8800's configured in SLI mode with a bridge. The problem is, slot 1 (top is covering the PCIe slot for the SATA-3 controller which will not allow me to insert the controller card for SATA-3 function for the new SATA-3 SSD I purchased. I've already was informed by a member here to just buy a single video card and remove the (2) video cards to gain access to my PCIe slot. That said, my question now is, what single Video card would I buy that would give me the capability of the (2) I already have - meaning, manufacture/model number? I would gladly dump the (2) 8800's and go with one video card to have the SATA-3 functionallity for my SSD (solid state drive). I run (2) LCD monitors from these two video cards by the way (1) monitor per card, so if you have any idea's or insight as to what video card I could purchase to replace these - I would really appreciate that information - thanks in advance, Kevin in Cleveland, Ohio
  3. You can install the adapter in slot 3
  4. Sorry if I wasen't clear - I "existing configuration" have a viedo card in slot one (top) and slot three (bottom), the second slot (middle) is empty. The only access to the PCIe slot that I need access to is covered by the video card in slot one (top) and according to the EVGA manufacture - I cannot move the video card there, because it 'has' to be installed there, regardless if I'm running one, two or all three slots for video. I was hoping to find a single video card that has enough power/features to eliminate both of the nVidia 8800's I have installed now, to gain access to the PCIe slot for the SATA-3 controller. Any suggestions? - thanks again, Kevin
  5. What is your budget and do you prefer to stay with Nvidia? Also, what make/model of power supply are you using?
  6. Thanks for the response: Budget? - Tight however, I try to get as much as I can for the money (like everyone else) nVidia? - Does not matter at this point, not really, I was an old school ATI guy at one time, I ended up with the nVidia's on a package deal. Power supply: - Thermaltake Toughpower 700W.
  7. I would recommend an AMD Radeon HD6950 or an Nvidia GTX 560 Ti. Both will run circles around your current config and will perform well with all modern titles.

    Here are a couple of suggestions:
  8. Before recommending any video cards you should really list all your specs. That mobo is socket 775. I assume you got a conroe in there so that is pretty old tech for today's standards. A Radeon HD6950 or a GTX 560 TI would probably be bottlenecked by your processor. And it would really help if you had a budget before people make appropriate suggestions
  9. Nice - very nice cards - I looked at the board and it just appears I still screwed! the PCIe slot that I need access to just happens to be next to the first top slot (video slot 1 of 3) and according to the details on these cards, it would put me in the same situation as if I removed the second 8800 video card - meaning, the first slot that needs to have a video card installed in it, would still cover the PCIe slot that I need to get to - they all are too thick 1.5" etc. - I have a duo-core quad processor and 8GB ram, SSD's (SATA-2) so I thought I'd upgrade to SATA-3 - well, I think the writing is on the wall - either run it at SATA-3 speed or upgrade the MoBo/processor and relateds - good grief - and right before xmas too - SOB I'm bummed :-( well, thanks for all you insightful answers and suggestions, but I'm going to think on this a bit - they just don't make skinny video cards anymore and I have to, or I should say would have to increase my budget to get there - Happy Holidays and thanks again - Kevin
  10. You can run any PCIe card in your x16 slots. So, if you had a single GPU in slot 1, your other slots will be free for other cards. You do NOT have to install the adapter in the small PCIe slot you are concerned with. You just need a vacant, accessible PCIe slot.
  11. You probably won't even do anything to be affected by sata 2 vs 3 speeds.
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