Watercooling kit for slim 240mm radiator?


I'm going to build my first watercooling setup in my Corsair 500R. I'd like to know if there are any kits available with a 240mm radiator which is 29mm or less thick, as I'd like it to fit in the top of the case with the grill still on. Also, I noticed XSPC had a pump/resevoir combo which could fit two optical 5.25 drive slots, which I think would be really cool! ;)

So, I'm open to any suggestions you guys might have - thanks alot! Though, I'm not interesting in mounting anything externally.

Just a note - it really can't be too expensive as everything in my country cost more than double of the prices in the US... :(
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  1. If you mount a radiator, you still have to have fans for it...is the 29mm accounting for the fans being in place or no?
  2. It's accounting for the fans being in place. I have space for a 240mm radiator with a height of 29mm, in addition to two 120 mm fans.
  3. Unfortunately, the size of the fans has nothing to do with what height of radiator I can fit. The radiator is placed on top in a place made for that, with the fans underneath - so they are pretty undependant.

    I did find that 29.6 radiator, however I was looking for a complete kit as this is my first time doing any WC build. I also understood that it was cheaper buying one of these kits rather than buying the individual parts seperately?
  4. You aren't going to find a 'complete kit' with custom parts...this is considered a custom loop. You'l have to make concessions one way or another.
  5. Well so nothing like XSPC rasa240 or something along those lines? I will need to seperately choose all my desired components? Won't this be at least double the price?
  6. With the above I mean the kit that has the fittings, tubing, block and so on?
  7. What is the thickness of the RS240? I am seeing:


    Dimensions: 121x35x277mm (WxDxH)


    You are saying that won't fit.
  8. That's the wrong specs. If you go to XSPC's site you'll see it's around 35mm :/
  9. Quote:
    Dimensions: 121x35x277mm (WxDxH)

    If you go to XSPC's site you'll see it's around 35mm

    Doesn't 35mm= 35mm?

    Outside of this, you're going to have to go with a custom loop with the radiator you choose.
  10. The EX240 should fit.
    After doing some googling you will find a bunch of people that have it inside of their 500r.
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