MGE XG Dragon Case

Hello, I am so hoping that someone can tell me if they know where I could purchase the MGE XG Dragon Gaming Case, please? I did find it at the bigbruin site however the price on there is astronomical!! Any help would be grealy appreciated.
Thank you, Mangofield
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  1. sunny9874704905 said:

    Hello, and a great big thank you!! I am sending them an email as soon as I finish this as they show it on back order. You and aford10 have so very kind!! I cannot thank you enough for the links!!

    As I told aford10, this was the case that my children got for me after my first stroke and I had had it for years until a "guest" in my home "borrowed???" my computer and I have not it or her since. It not only is a beautiful but holds great sentimental value to me.

    Being a granny I take the liberties of sending both you and aford10 GIANT HUGS!!

    Bless you,

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