4890 BAD performance help!


I have a new pc that is not working good in games like crysis and gta 4.
in gta 4 i get around 10 fps and crysis 5-15 fps.

i think thats is very low for this pc...
do you know whats the problem ?

i play at 1280 x 1024 highest settings no aa.

my pc:
amd x4 955BE 3.2ghz
club 3d HD 4890 superclocked
4 gig ddr2 ram
asrock a790gxh/128m motherboard
windows 7 home
750w PSU


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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    Have you update your VGA drivers ?
  2. thx :)

    i dont know i think so

    i downloaded catalyst instakll manager and it installed everyting i think...
  3. i know but it all didnt work...
  4. It may sound funny but have you refreshed your windows score ?
  5. eemmiieell said:
    i know but it all didnt work...

    What he meant was 'Keep it in the same thread'. Now you have 3 separate threads about the same problem.. :non:

    anyways, check for temperatures, so nothing is throttling because of overheating. And make sure everything is running at the correct clocks in any case...
    Coretemp, Realtemp or Speedfan for temperatures, CPU-Z and GPU-Z for the clocks and stuff, the new version of GPU-Z show temps as well...
  6. no i didnt i am doing it know willthis help?
  7. my temps are around 60 in the vga
    is that to hot ?
  8. As i said did you refresh your windows score ?
  9. Maziar said:
    As i said did you refresh your windows score ?

    whats the windows score? where do you refresh it ?
  10. You can refresh it from here:
    Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Performance Information and Tools
  11. Does the mobo have multiple PCI-E slots?
    Make sure the card is plugged into the main/first one.
    Some mobo's don't/can't switch the lanes and are stuck at certain combos like 16x, 4x, make sure the card is in a full 16 lane slot.
  12. bump
  13. Did you try refreshing the windows score from here:
    Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Performance Information and Tools
  14. thx very much im testing these things right now.

    i let u know if it helped me
  15. refresh windows score didnt help... im testing other things now
  16. My XFX HD4890 also has a low FPS. I think XFX HD4890 is bad pdoduct.
    I don't know my opinion is right or wrong.

    When I compare the XFX HD4890 with the XFX HD4870. XFX HD4870 scores higher than score XFX4890.

    3DMark06 scrore
    XFX HD4870 --> around (14500-15000) fps
    XFX HD4890 --> 12691 fps

    Dirt2 scrore
    with :
    resolusion 1920x1080, AA 4x, and other full high
    XFX HD4870 --> 60fps
    XFX HD4890 --> 43-47fps

  17. antsmaster said:

    Hmm.,...my score with PII X2 550 + HD4850 is better..
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