Looking to upgrade.. help with cpu compatible

I have a Athlon 64 4800 x2
I need a new motherboard.. just to start with.
is this motherther compatible with 939 socket.
i read somewhere that its is .. but im not sure.

and i just found out that you can put a pci e 2.0 x16car in a pci e X16 slot.

again I have a Athlon 64 4800 x2 939 socket, wnat to but this motherbord are they compatible?

it says it supports Sempron 100 Series, Athlon II. thos that apply to my 939 socket?

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  1. No you will need a socket 939 motherboard. Ebay is the only source I can think of. If you are not sure which socket your CPU is check if you have DDR ram (s939) or DDR2 ram (s AM2) they made 4800+ for both sockets.
  2. sell that cpu on ebay imo, they go for a lot since its pretty much the best you can get on that old socket, then buy an am3 motherboard and am3 proc (you can get a nice athlon ii tri core for $76 that would blow that thing away)
  3. if thats the case.

    ill go with a $130 phenom II 925 i saw.
    thanks guys
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