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Hi, I have a HDD from my laptop that broke I would like to add to my current tower but I cannot find a piggyback connector or the same with a power supply for the laptop as well as piggyback so can run both HDD, my laptop one and the original thats in the tower, reason being all my photos e.t.c and music and all are on the laptop HDD.
Is it possible to purchase such a connector and where from? I live in the U.k, hope you pro's can help !!!
Thankyou, Vicki
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  1. what kind of connector is it? PATA or SATA?
    here is a universal to USB so you could at least move everything over, but they also make internal ones depending on what you are trying to do:
  2. different connections, its SATA, this is the drive- hp p/n : 480598-001, its got the L shaped connections, one short, one long and is female, its the same as the conections on the tower HDD but cause its a laptop one needs a power supply also
  3. Just connect laptop drive to desktop sata port with sata cable and use the power from desktop psu. You just need a mounting bracket to fit the 2.5 inch drive.
  4. to Pyree, maybe, I'll have a look just I dont think theres a power connector the same and I wana use both as have files I need on both hard drives, my tower is an old dell optiplex GX280, the 512mb one, am soon getting a memory upgrade aswell cause it crashes from time to time already!!
  5. Oh, so you have PATA on your desktop and SATA on your laptop?

    Get them or something similar:


    If you want the HDD to be internal.
  6. I dunno, all I know is the laptop hard drive needs power from somewhere which would be a tiny little female pin block connector and I want a piggyback or dual input HDD connector as both my tower and laptop hard drives have the same connectors which are the L shape ones, one about 3" long the other about an inch or a little less and I want to use both harddrives
  7. Yeah, if they are L shape then they are both SATA. Don't even need the adapter for IDE/PATA and molex power I suggested.

    If you are confused and don't know what is going on. Post a picture of both desktop and laptop HDD.
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