If a hard disk falls and the computer dosent read it what is the solution

if a hard disk falls and its vibrating still but is not shown on the pc.
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  1. If it is damaged it will not show! Vibration is not a good sign!
  2. Had the same issue and I just was thankfull that I had warranty for it still.. Still crying over the 2TB of 1080p Movies that were lost along with it. Now I have only 7TB of 1080p Movies :P

    To try and be helpful, just take it back or throw it away. Was the second time I went through it. No saving if it wont read any longer. And repairing it is not an option. Trust me :/
  3. Is this a general question, or do you actually have a faulty drive? If so, please provide more details, such as model number, whether it shows up in BIOS with its full capacity and correct model number, whether it shows up in Device Manager, Disk Management, etc.

    And yes, sometimes there is an easy DIY fix, depending on the model.
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