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Hi guys i really hope i can get some help as i sent my GTX 280 graphics card to my friend as i upgraded he has just installed it and is having problems with it.

He installed it previousy on xp to which he has now upgraded to windows 7 first on xp when he went to graphic settings it would give him the blue screen and restart now on windows 7 he is able to acess it all and apply the settings but a few minutes into the game it crashes to desktop.

Im scared the card has been damaged in shipping but i would of thought it would just not work if it was damaged any ideas on that he obviously has all the latest drivers installed its on a fresh install i have no idea what more i can do as it all works on his old card the 8500 gt

his spec is

intel quad Q6600
ASRock 4Core1333-eSATA2
2 gig ram
windows 7

he can play some games like trials 2 but when he goes into cod 4 it messes up and l4d2
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  1. well you can close this we basicly pulled everything out and rebuilt and found it was a dodgy stick of ram thank god for that was scared it was the card but its running fine now
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