Serious Sound Driver Problem (Loss Of Sound)

Okay so yesterday when I went on my computer I noticed no sound was coming out of the speakers, which was very strange as it was working perfectly fine several hours previously. I've never had a problem with this before and didn't do anything different to the computer. I checked the speaker connections thinking it was that but there was nothing wrong there. I eventually looked in the Device Manager and noticed my sound driver (SoundMAX Intergrated Audio which I've never had a problem with in all the years I've had my computer) wasn't working for some reason so I tried to update and search for new drivers, tinker with the settings, etc but to no avail. Eventually I decided to uninstall it and try to reinstall it again thinking that would fix whatever the problem is. It seemed to be going fine but at the end of the installation it tells me that it can't find the driver even though I know they are there and have told the computer exactly where the files are and it's the same with automatic installation. I've since tried downloaded several alternative Sound Drivers such as SoundMAX Intergrated Audio (again), Sound Blaster, Realtek AC'97 Audio, and the same thing happens the installation goes okay but won't work as the computer won't recognise the drivers and says they are not there. At the moment the only thing I've managed to get working (well when I say working I just mean I can access volume control again where as before it was greyed out) but there is still no sound and that is VIA AC'97 Audio Controller (WDM) whatever that is but it was the only thing I managed to add manually (I can't even remember how I done it, I just stumbled onto it and was trying anything). I'm very computer literate but don't know a lot about sound drivers but I've been trying all day but now seem to just be bouncing back inbetween trying different sound software, failed installations, Device Manager and Sound and Audio Properties in the Control Panel. I'm running on Windows XP. I have tried updates, checking the BIOS has the sound enabled, made sure nothing is on mute in the volume controls, read many other peoples similiar problems online and tried some good sounding suggestions but nothing has worked so far - I'm just going round in circles and I'm really at my wits end with this. I desperately need to get my sound back on. If anyone has any suggestions, no matter how simple or complicated, please help as like I say I'm no expert when it comes to sound drivers but have tried a few things all day but getting no where so I'm willing to start from scratch on this or try any suggestions you may have to get my sound back on. It would be very much appreciated, thanks.

Lisa :)
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  1. Buy a new sound card if you have an extra slot to put it in.
  2. Thanks for your reply but I have no idea how to do that and would prefer just to download a driver from the internet. How much roughly do they cost and how would I know if I have an extra slot? I'm not sure but I don't think I do and there's no guarantee that that would work either. I don't understand how I've never had any problem with SoundMAX before and now I can't get any sound. I know nothing about sound drivers so if someone could give me step by step guide on how to get one working it would be much appreciated. Thanks for the suggestion but if I was to buy a new sound card I'd be as well taking my computer to my local PC repair shop where I've been before and have an expert do it but that would take too long and cost a lot of money. I think this is something which is fixable I just don't really know what I'm doing when it comes to sound drivers/cards, etc so any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks.

    Lisa :)
  3. Start ,control,, panel, system, hardware device manager, if there is an exclamation uninstall device by right clicking on it, reboot, hope it works, You can install a new driver from the computer manufacturer website and try updating driver, same as above except update driver, and navigate the folder you downloaded it to. A new sound card is for your needs probably $25, if it is a desktop and you see some flat aluminum panels n the back of the pc you have room for a sound card.
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