Computer recognizes case fans but they will not turn on

Hey guys its just like the title says I'm using SpeedFan to see if the computer recognizes the case fans and it shows all 8 fans as 0 RPM but my CPU fan is at 2368 RPM. Is there any way for me to turn the fans on? Assume I have the connected to the motherboard correctly what could be the issue?
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  1. what kind of fan are thy?? 2Pin or 3PIN???
  2. 3pin and I just got back from disconnecting all my stuff and seeing the connectors turns out this whole time since I bought my computer the guy who did the free build for me was clueless and didn't plug in the fans but plugged in the LED's for the fans. Lovely.
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    check bios settings................. there are opt on bios to control the 3pin fans..........
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  5. thanks for the medal zenai.... :na:
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