CPU Fan for 2600K ASRock Z68 + Kingston HyperX with Tall HS

Hi all,

I am looking for a recommendation on a heatsink to overclock my Sandybridge 2600k.

I think I will have truble mounting it on my board ASRock Z68 Extreme4 Gen3 with these Kingston HyperX memory modules.

I was thinking of getting Noctua NH-D14 120mm & 140mm SSO CPU Cooler but I dont think it will fit because of the heatsinks.

Now I could just change my RAM to stuff that does not have the large heatsinks! but Ill like to avoid this if possible.

I like the reviews on that heatsink but if someone has a better recommendation Id really appreciate their advice.

Thanks for reading an any help greatly appreciated.

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  1. Yeah if you have large heatsinks on your RAM modules you may run into issues with the NH-D14. Best thing to do is try and google to see if anyone owns that board and heatsink, try to find pictures and see how far it stretches of the RAM slots. The fan closest to the ram slots can be risen up to help clear ram modules.

    On a side note if you want to play it safe or end up finding out you can't use the NH-D14 I can recommend the thermalright Archon or the Venomous X as other options.

    EDIT = Just did a quick google image search and looks like the first ram slot will diffidently be taken out by the heatsink itself, but the second one might be clear if you raise the fan, depends on the height of those RAM heatsinks.
  2. +1 Ven X

    Or watercool with Corsair H80 or H100, much smaller heatsink and serious cooling.

    My 2600k is @4.8 and the H100 keeps it below 60C on half power.
  3. Hey thanks for your replies, I think I am going to avoid the H100 because of its bulk and noise! there seems to be a few issues with these units and more negatives than Id like to see!

    Cheers Skaz, my heatsinks are real big but I'm contemplating hacking them down to size if I cannot source a better heatsink/fan!
  4. Custom watercooling.

    You can get a much better performing kit for $20 more than the H100.
  5. What case do you have?

    I can confirm that the H100 is only loud on full power.

    I have no need to use full power as iy keeps the cpu nice and cool on half power.

    I went from Ven X to Corsair H100 and am very happy with noise and performance but it is case dependant.

    The Zalman Max is a good cooler, easy to fit and economical in size, only about 3-4C warmer than the Ven X on the same setup.
  6. After a bit of research I went went with the Noctua NH-U9B SE2 - 92mm as using the NH-D14 would mean Id have to change my high profile ram.

    Am awaiting on this to be delivered.
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