Crosshair 4 overheating?

Does anyone know if asus is still shipping these mobo with the overheating nb problem or was that just when they first came out?
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  1. I wanted to know the same thing, hope someone responds soon.
  2. im looking for info along the same lines except it the Crosshair 4 extreme. Is this over heating an issue for my board as well or did they fix it with the fan integrated n/b board block
  3. As far as I know, the Crosshair IV Extreme never had any similiar problems with the NB, however, it had more severe problems with it's Intel LAN Card.
  4. i have the extreme and to answer the question yes it does have the same issues as the crosshair 4 with the n/b over heating when overclocking. Overclocking has been tricky the best i can get is 4.2 with the n/b reaching 55c and my cpu has not reached 40c yet so now ive ordered the koolance water block ( only because there the only company that makes a block for the Extreme) in hopes of keeping the n/b temps lower
    and yes the lan card has thrown me a curve ball or two as well
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