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Can someone please point me towards a guide for overclocking a sandy bridge 2600k on the asus P8Z77-v Motherboard, im really struggling to get it past 4.4ghz, ive read general overclocking guides for my cpu loads of times and i used to be able to hit 4.8 ghz on my old board.

The trouble im having is with turbo, i cant turn it off and no matter what i do i cant set the voltages right, if i do turn turbo off it wont let me adjust the multiplier.

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  1. 4.8 is pretty high for a 2500k, let alone a 2600k. I doubt you will hit anything higher than 4.4 without a serious water cooling loop.

    Ryan's guide is pretty good, but i seriously doubt your going to get any further unless you disable the hyper threading, and bump up your voltage to 1.4 or higher (which is generally where air cooling dies).
  2. This is the most helpful and comprehensive guide I have found.

    Its officially for a P8P67 but should still be useful to you.

    I am now up to 4.8ghz with a 2600k with 1.32v.

    My Corsair H100 keeps my CPU below 60C under full load 24/7.

    Hope it helps. :D
  3. I am kinda finding it hard to believe that your 2600k is at 4.8ghz with 1.32v at 60c. I could be wrong and your chip is one in a quadrillion. Even that guide you posted states 1.4+ is needed to stabalize 4.8-5.0
  4. Well its on a Sabertooth P67 which is quite some board with advanced llc, phase and duty control.

    I am currently on day 2 of a F@H stability test so you are correct that I cannot claim complete stability just yet.

    It passed a 1hr OCCT test, 10 runs of Intel Burn on Max and a short run of Prime 95 so it moved on to Folding.

    As far as the heat goes it will go cooler than that, the H100 is only on medium power and it keeps it below 60C.

    It helps that its housed in a Corsair Carbide 500R with plenty on airflow but with max fans on the cpu cooler it will drop below 50C.

    Just sounds like an aircraft is taking off. :lol:
  5. So far so good

    Although I have had crashes into day 3/4 with F@H so fingers crossed.
  6. Doesnt really show the temps, but it does look like you have that one in a quadrillion chip. Thats an insane voltage level for a 2600K. 60c is right on the money, I am pulling slightly higher voltage sitting at 63c-64c under torture tests.
  7. Ill keep playing with mine, i was hopefully trying to find a decent guide to my board, i have a decent watercooling loop, my entire system is water cooled with my 580s on a separate loop to my cpu, ive bumped my volts to 1.5 now and got it set at 4.8ghz, ill see if i can get past a 1hour prime 95 test and ill start dropping the vcore down.
  8. Still running, hoping to get a bit more out of the cpu if it stays running @4.8ghz.
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