Dell Inspiron 545

Hey Guys,
I need help finding the best Graphics card for a Dell Inspiron 545. I want to be able to install it without having to upgrade the PSU. It should be able to support FSX at medium.

I was looking at the nVidia 9500GT but I was told 9800GT was better and I wouldn't need to upgrade the PSU

My Specs are:
PSU - 300Watt
Processor - Intel Duo E7400 @ 2.80GHz
OS - Windows 7 Ultimate
Need anything else?

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  1. BTW, it does have a PSIe slot.
  2. You have a half a change on your psu with a 9800GT if it is ECO/Green version without the power plug. If you want to play it safe GT240 or HD4670 are the most recommended cards for those 300watt psu´s.
  3. A HD4670 would work for sure?
  4. Yes. It is the most recommended card for the low power Dell psu´s and is very power efficient.
  5. Okay, thanks :)
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