HD 4890 vs GTX 275 pls HELP!!!

Hi guys, i'm new in this forum, cuz i think to be wise enough to solve my hi-tech problems without asking help to others... But competition between ati hd 4890 and nvidia gtx275 created me many doubts. From many forums and tests i understood that gtx275 is a little better than hd 4890, but we must also count the support of cuda and physx tecnology in future and that can make gtx family more competitive than hd... Now i want to buy a new graphic card, and i'm undecided between hd 4980 (180€) and gtx 275(205€), so my question is that the difference of performance between this 2 awesome cards really cost 25€. I know that performance/cost of ATI is more greater than NVIDIA, but my doubt is that nvidia can improve their products with software solution as cuda and physx, and ati does nothing about this.
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  1. Or am I giving too much importance to this nvidia technology?
  2. Well i would suggest you to wait for NVIDIA next generation GPU's. I am waiting for them too.
    I have bought a low end card to play at low resolution and waiting for New generation cards
    But if you don't want to wait
    Go for GTX 275
    And Yes PhysX is something ATI can't come up with
    GTX 275
  3. The GTX275 wins more battles against the HD4890 than it looses but they are both great cards. Since they are very close in performance the HD4890 has a better price/performance ratio.
  4. I personally have an evga gtx 275 ftw, which is pretty heavily overclocked, and it's pretty sweet, and in the games that do have physx, it's awesome and will pretty much play anything max settings in 1080p, but if were you i would wait for nvidia's next generation cards. Because your going to be getting a better deal on performance.

    because when nvidia enters the dx 11 scene things are going to be shacken up in the gfx world. The new nvidia cards may be amazing, but even if they're not ati will more then likely drops it's 5xxx series in prices to undercut nvidia. So if you need a card now, and you like what cuda and physx offer then go with a 275 gtx, If you want to save a bit of money go with the 4890(most games don't untilize physx anyways)

    but i would heavily suggest just waiting a month or 2 more and see whats on the market then
  5. With that price difference easily the HD4890. If you can afford it this is the way to go really;
  6. PhysX is overrated and underutilized. I would never consider it a deciding factor in a GPU purchase. Price/performance ratios are owned by ATI right now, and considering their usual strategies, will only get better as DX11 nvidia cards reach market. If I absolutely had to have a new card right now, and those were my two choices, I would take the cheaper one. ATI's DX10 cards are not going to get much cheaper, as the 5xxx series is where ATI will slash prices to compete with nvidia DX11 hardware, the DX10 competition for price/performance was over a long time ago.
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