Will DDR3 1333 "specifically designed for Socket 1156 be compatible...

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  1. look on the asus website, look at the motherboard specifications. There is a list of approved memory. Use the approved memory and avoid compatibility problems.
  2. Should be fine but doesn't hurt to check the approved memory list as mentioned. The main thing with the "specifically designed" quote is a marketing gimmick and just means that the modules conform to the 1.65V spec so that there will be no problems using them on an 1156 socket MOBO ( earlier they were having problems with higher voltage designs burning out the RAM sockets on those MOBO's so using anything over 1.65V could cause problems on those MOBOs !)
  3. I would spend a few more dollars and get something with tighter timings myself. This memory works fine with Asus and AMD and has faster clocks and much tighter timings. It is the best "bang for your buck" memory in my opinion. You would have to set the speed and timings manually in BIOS. I have used it in Intel and AMD builds and on Asus and Gigabyte motherboards with no issues.

  4. ^+1 great ram own a set myself!
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