Trim support for MSI 790FX GD70 - First time SSD Buyer

Hello again guys,

After a lot of thought and questions being asked to you guys, I've decided to buy an intel SSD (120gb). There is only one problem though; I have an older motherboard: an "MSI 790FX GD70"

After going through goole for about an hour, and not being able to find anything about this "AHCI" Bios setting in a non-raid configuration, I thought I'd ask you guys.

So what I know so far is that my motherboard is a SATA II and the SSD's I wanna get are SATA III. I know that they are backwards compatible and thats a great thing!

What I don't know is where to go to find this "AHCI" BIOS Setting To enable Trim in windows 7. I've looked through most of my menus and I haven't been able find it anywhere. Is there a place I over looked? or is it in need of a BIOS update? (Which I'd prefer not to do since everything is working right now.) I'm Reallty hoping that one of you can help me out here!

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  1. Hey,

    Go to the Integrated Peripherals setting in the bios and then it is about halfway down the list.

    You're Welcome
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