Big urgent proble - Please Help

Hey guys,

I don't know if this is even the correct forum but i am getting pretty desperate. This is a TROUBLESHOOTING thread. I am damn desperate and any help would be appreciated. Thank you

I basically have a q6600, 8800gt, windows xp 32 bit, 2 gigs of ram (forget which kind), ocz gamerxtreme PSU, abit ip35 pro motherboard.

It started happening about a month ago. I tried starting my computer and it would start up for literally 1-2 seconds, it would light up, fans start up, then it would shut off. I panicked and kept hitting the power button for about 10 tries and it worked.

I shut down my computer and the same problem happened. So i decided, as a temporary solution until i take it in to someone who knows wtf they are doing, i just would not shut down my computer and just keep rebooting if it slows down. Problem is, for breaker issues (moved into a new house) the breakers turned off the power twice and each of those times took me literally about 2 minutes hitting the power button.

A week or 2 passed and just 1 hour ago, my computer shut off on its OWN. It was not the breaker because JUST the computer shut off. I literally spent 23 minutes hitting the power button repeatedly before i gave up (yeah i know).

When it happened the first two times, i tried switching the ram to different slots, i checked connections best i could (i don't really know much about comps). I doubt it did anything, but i'm trying to give the best background i can. When it happened an hour ago, i unplugged the dvd drive thinking it might be sucking up too much power and unplugged my speakers, etc. It did not help.

As far as error codes, the first two times it turned off, it would stop @ 9.9 which indicates a normal shutdown. When i power it on, it would go up in numbers before it stopped at 9.9. Sometimes it would finally hit C1 but make a long high pitching beeping noise, but the power would STAY on, but i would have nothing on my monitor. After i held down the power button to shut it down, i would hit it again and only then would it start working again normally. This happened for BOTH first times (1 hour ago would make the third)

Now, when i hit the power button, it just jumps from 9.9 to 8.3, quickly increase and stop at 9.9. My "trick" does not work anymore and i have very urgent reports due on tuesday and i have NO idea what i am going to do.


Thank you!
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  1. I don't have your manual handy, what do those error codes mean?

    I'm guessing a problem with the power, or the motherboard. I've seen a lot of IP35s either dead, or fresh from RMA on the used forums. I'm starting to think they had a problem with them. Try swapping in a different psu.

    those are the error codes.

    As far as swapping a new psu, i did not personally build my computer so i can't relaly do that since my skills are limited. If there is no simple solution, then i'm going to be forced to give it to someone for a few days so they can troubleshoot. I was hoping it wouldn't resort to that.
  3. If its staying in the number section, 8x or 9x, it looks like its having power issues. I would try to swap another in like I said. If you don't know how to do something this simple, you have no choice but to take it to someone else. Is there anyone around who can help with this? If you can't swap a PSU, you can't fix this problem. (no offense.)
  4. Sure looks to me like a dying PSU.
  5. jitpublisher said:
    Sure looks to me like a dying PSU.

    ^^ That would be my first guess too.

    Followed by overheating or a motherboard problem.

    But definitely check the power supply for issues first.
  6. Yeah, from your symptoms and then that link to your motherboard's manual, I'm inclined to blame the PSU too. That's 4 votes for PSU.

    Who built this computer?

    I'm not sure where you're going to take it for diagnosis, but it might be prudent to go ahead and buy a new power supply that you know will be of good quality and have the shop use that as the replacement. If you live near a computer electronics store, you might want to pick up an Antec Earthwatts, Corsair, or Seasonic PSU and bring that with you to the shop. Or ask them if you can even do that before you purchase it.
  7. Maybe even try watching some youtube videos and try it yourself. Even if it takes a whole afternoon, it'll still be faster than taking it to a shop.

    or something like that
  8. Yeah, the power supply is one thing that (thankfully) is not too technically demanding to replace. No settings to mess with or drivers to install -- just look at what's plugged in, plug the new one in the same way, and you should be good to go.
  9. this seems like good advice unplug power supply reset cmos woudn't hurt to try easy to do Tyree's answer good trouble shooting advise ?
    sounds like theres a button in back that sets cmos check manual or old fshion way on motherboard see if anything helps?
  10. hmm..

    Alright, i went to take a look at the PSU and i guess it is relatively simple; follow the cords, see where they plug in and replace it with the new PSU.

    I am going to give this a shot, unplug it, go to bestbuy tomorrow buy a new psu and try this out. If my comp works at that point, then i will RMA ocz and wonder why the F*** a supposedly great psu dies after only 2 years.

    Thanks for your help guys, i'll keep you updated. Hopefully i don't screw anything up, heh i'm pretty nervous.

    wish me luck
  11. They don't last forever and OCZ isn't that great. The worse the power coming into the home the faster your PSU will die.
  12. Even the best of the best will give up the ship for no apparent reason at times.
    If this does take care of the problem, just have to chalk it up to plain bad luck.
    It happens, just grin and bear it is about you can do, good luck and let us know if you run into any problems during the switch.
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