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Im thinking about building a computer for the first time and i dont know much computer jargen. Ive decided to get the e8500 cpu and i was wondering what would be the best motherboard to get for it, Im going to get everything from a place called Cpl (computer parts land) if you look it up on google open the pdf about half way down the page the list of mobos is there. Could you please tell me what the best one for that cpu is? (i plan to make it a gaming computer)
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  1. Good luck with your endevour!

    My suggestion would to be to do a whole lot more research before you decide what to build.

    You need to understand where the different pars you want to buy sit in the performance graph and where they are on the developement timeline!

    for example e8500 is good intel chip, but socket 775 Motherboards that take these chips are old and no new chips are being made for them, Intel have moved on.

    Also I think you will get more performance for your money now than going 8500 skt 775 as new build.

    Do some more reading about Processors and Motherboards, look at reviews and go through bench marks, ask questions and take your time.
  2. Welcome to THG noobynoob :)

    The E8500 is a good CPU - but by the time you have spent money on that CPU and a mobo & RAM you wouldnt be far off the cost of an i5 - which is a much newer design.

    What sort of budget was you looking to spend ? if you let us know someone here will give you an idea of what to get for your money etc.
  3. Like 1000 for mobo, cpu, ram, graphic card, psu, case everything except mouse screen speakers and key board. And im getting it from Cpl so could you just look at the site and tell me what mobo to get For the e8400 cpu. (im gonna get navidia9800gt graphic card. And could you also tell me what ram to get ) FROM THE COMPUTER PARTS LAND WEBSITE
  4. If I'm not mistaken, the motherboard for the E8500 would be the P45.

    How much might one expect to pay for a used E8500 CPU and P45 board now?
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