Bent pins problem...:(

i've got an asus P6T deluxe V2 motherboard and i've noticed that I have some bent pins on the cpu socket...
my question is, what can I do about it as my pc wont display anything on the monitor although power is going through all components...
I suspect that this is causing the no post situation as I have tried nearly everything else...
all help appreciated...thanx...:)
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  1. Contact the vendor for a Return Merchandise Authorization and return it, if authorized.
  2. Bent pins is no good.. I've never had the problem of bent pins, and if I ever did, I'd just have to suck it up and RMA or replace. If I somehow didn't have the option to replace it or RMA it, and I didn't know what I was doing, then I would take it to a computer shop and see if they couldn't so something about it. I hear bent pins are really sensitive and something you don't want happening to your stuff.

    That's a great motherboard otherwise. I'd return it, unless you can't?

    If you call Asus, make sure you go over everything with them. They'll void a warrenty in a heartbeat to save a buck, so I hear.
  3. Dear Valued Customer,

    I am so sorry for the that.
    If there is some CPU pins bent on the motherboard, the warranty for the motherboard would be invalid and it could not be sent back to RMA center for repairing.
    In this situation, or you could consider to contact some local repairing company to check if they could help you.
    Sorry for any inconvenience.

    Best Regards,


    ASUS Customer Service

    anyone know of any repair shops that could help me out?
    I think that some of the pins are missing!
  4. There goes the RMA out of the window!

    Well if your pins are slightly bent then the socket that goes in would be able to straighten it up a little. Like my mobo's power connector pins are a little bent, so i put in the cabinet sockets in carefully and no problem! The pins still are a little bent but not as much as it was before. Just like putting a string through a thin pipe!
  5. Which pins are bent?
    Personally, I'd try rigging it myself, carefully. If ya can't get it fixed without making it worse, then start calling computer shops around your area and see if any of them think they can fix it for a reasonable price.
    Considering the board is only worth $250ish, and after you pay a repair bill, will it be worth not just buying a new one?

    Let us know how it goes!
  6. cant I just get Asus to repair it and then pay them?
  7. I guess that can be done. Check with Asus and what they say and charge.
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