Bad performence with a 4870

I was given a Radeon 4870 for christmas to replace my Geforce 9600GS, and I just installed it but the performence on games is the same or worse. Any idea what could be causing this?

My specs:
Athlon 64 X2 4200
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  1. Have u uninstall your previous driver(9600GS) and install the latest version for your 4870?
  2. Even with that CPU, there should be an improvement. I would look at the PSU, as there is a drastic difference in power draw between a 9600GS and a 4870. Performance will suffer if lacking sufficient juice, but not lacking enough to cause a restart.
  3. I've installed the drivers and uninstalled the old ones, and my power supply is rated as 50W above the amount needed to run the card. As far as games go; Dragon Age runs the same, and World in Conflict the demo for crysis run slower.
  4. Have u attached the power connector for your card?
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