I gonna buy and I need advice (XP or 7)

I build 5 pc and I need to install the software, and I was thinking buy windows xp pro on ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/Microsoft-Windows-XP-Professional-w-SP3-Pro-COA-Product-Key-Sealed-DVD-Case-/150819668979?pt=US_Operating_Systems_Software&hash=item231d8d83f3 I know something about windows xp update will die on 2014, but the pc's are for a cyber Cafe so I don't really care i need advice for buy in place like ebay
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  1. I would not trust anyone on ebay when it comes to OS software licenses

    buy Windows7 Pro OEM for better administration and security
  2. You plan on running a business with an OS that will no longer receive security updates? That sounds like bad business to me.
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