Still can't decide... Athlon II X4 or Phenom II X4

I am looking to upgrade my old( not so old) gaming Athlon X2 cpu to an AM3 cpu but can't decide on Athlon II x4 or Phenom II x4.

I've already got mobo: GA-MA785GMT-UDH3
gpu: Raedon HD 4850 512

I've come across some reviews saying that the Phenom is better when it comes to gaming and OC'in & that the Athlon is more durable, but some reviews (on this site) seem to favour the Athlon.

Please help :( :pt1cable:
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  1. Both should be more than sufficient for your GFX.

    However, the PII will be much more capable of handling high end GFX and much superior in cache intensive apps thanks to its large cache.
  2. PII = AMD's flagship
    AII = AMD's mainstream
  3. andy5174 said:
    PII = AMD's flagship
    AII = AMD's mainstream

    HUH????? :o :o

    Explain please
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    PII = AMD's i7/quad i5
    AII = AMD's dual i5/i3/pentium
  5. andy5174 said:
    PII = AMD's i7/quad i5
    AII = AMD's dual i5/i3/pentium

    Aaahh.... right!
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  7. hi
    i,ve go the athlon II x4 620, got it at fys at clearance price $59, i stole it.....i have a 9800gt , and just ran 3dmark6 with everything at default....3dmark06-11, 774....not thats not bad, and will play games with no problems..i also have the 955 phenom II...It gets over 15,000 in 3dmark06..... the atlon II x4 620 runs cool too, 51c running 3dmark06......i am very pleased with the athlon II 620, my suggestion is that whatever you get,,,,get an x4,,,,better off than an x2.
  8. for pure gaming, you aren't going to lose any significant speed going with the athlon II x4, and its quite a bit cheaper

    though if you have the money, get the phenom II x4 black edition, easier to OC
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