Gigabyte p55A ud3 most current bios>?

I tried to look for most current bios i currently have f6. I saw on the site there was f9 i downloaded it and it said its not compatable with my OS. I have windows 7 professional 64 bit. How do i get the most current bios? It say the bios is from feb 2010 so its not that old. but i would liek the most current.
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  1. Bios should not care about the OS. What program are you using to install bios?
  2. i just downloaded the f9 update from the gigabyte website and then tried to run the flash file what program should i use? i just clicked on what i downloaded.
  3. You want to run @bios (see section 4.2.2 of your manual)
    Since you have downloaded the file already.
    select udate bios from file.

    I highly recomend reading the entire section on flashing bios. Read the warnings.
    you decide.
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