60GB SSD use as SRT or for OS?

Okay so guys I have a 60GB Corsair Force 3 SSD.

Should I use Intel Smart REsponse Technology on it or should I use it to install Windows 7 Home Premium and all of my applications (eg. firefox, photoshop, office and other important programs)? What do you guys think? Will I have enough space on my 60GB for programs. Is SRT a LOT slower? Are the two comparable or does SSD own the SRT to bits? Thanks guys
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  1. There is a lot of misunderstanding about caching. Intel developed caching for clients and businesses that could not afford a large capacity ssd. A few years ago when the concept was on the drawing board, Intel hoped clients and businesses would purchase a small 10Gb or 20GB ssd like their M11 for about $100.00. Microsoft Windows 7 and all software applications would remain on hard disk drives. The cache only produced a minor boost in performance. Intel hoped that once clients saw the slight performance boost they might be inclined to purchase a larger ssd which would have a larger performance boost.

    Intel also researched the size of the cache. Intel determined that a 60GB ssd was the point where it made no sense to use the ssd as a cache for a hard drive. Instead if you have a 60GB ssd, then Windows 7 and software applications should be installed on the ssd to take full advantage of the ssd capabilities.

    Windows 7 plus all the updates will use up somewhere between 16 and 21GB depending on the Windows 7 version. That leaves room for software applications and/or a few games.
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