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i got a new motherboard good for overclocking and i need a new processor for gaming i play games like battlefield, dragon age:origins, crysis etc...
my mobo accepts LGA775 all the way up to core quad or core duo i want to spend less than 200 dollars for a CPU so what CPU should i get a core 2 duo ? or a core 2 quad? i dont know what are the differences for this ones
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  1. C2Q Q9550 is a top LGA775 CPU and would be your best upgrade option!

    C2Q=quad(4)-core CPU, C2D=dual(2)-core CPU.
  2. +1 for Q9550.

    If you don't wanna spend that much then Q9400 is also a great chip.

    Don't get a Core 2 Duo...
  3. the Q6600 is a great CPU if you can find one cheap like i did ($50.00 on craigslist, was a steal) other than that, i would agree, get the Q9550
  4. thanks a lot for the tips i was going to get a core 2 duo now ill get a core 2 quad i saw some good ones for less than 200
  5. you may want to check the motherboard manufacturers website for CPU compatibility. The box saying "supports core2quad" can be vague and misleading. if its an older mobo then it may only support 65nm core2quads and might need a bios update to work with 45nm quads like the q9550.
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