New SSD, but cannot find my boot DISK! Help please!

OK, so today I went out and bought a new SSD. I wanted to use this new SSD to run my OS and use a my boot drive. The problem is that I cannot find my OS boot disk. I am not even sure if Gateway gave me one when I bought my FX6840. Is there a way to add this SSD and change my setup without clearing my old hard drive and having to purchase another OEM copy of Windows OS? I hope everyone can understand what I am asking. lol
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  2. Sorry about that. Did not even notice this other thread. Thanks!
  3. Use cloning software to transfer Windows 7 from your hard disk drive to your ssd.

    Acronis is the cloning software that is mentioned the most here at Tom's Hardware. You could also use the default Window 7 system image backup, Norton Ghost, Macrium Reflect, Easeus Todo Backup Free, or Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition.
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