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Hi good day. This might be a dumb question for you guys but i have bought 2 firepro v8700 and planning to setup a crossfire. can i use this card for hardcore gaming? coz aside from photo editing iam also a hard core gamer. sorry iam kinda confuse if i made the right decision of buying this card for a photo edting activities as well as gaming. if you can enlighten me with this i would really appreciate it. and if i have not made the right choice can you recommend a good video card for me. thanks - dan
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  1. It'll be ok - not great. Expect $150 GPU gaming performance.
  2. wow, that really sucks. thanks for the info though.
  3. do you guys have any video card recommendation that would best fit on what i wanted to do, like photo editing and games. tnx
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    What application do you use, Photo editing doesn't really require FirePro cards, the benefit might be specific to an application or application feature.

    You should be able to do more than competent editing with a single HD5870 with much better gaming performance.
  5. I mainly use Adobe Photoshop and games like Warcraft. Anyway thanks for the input. Ill try to figure out what to do on these vid card, definitely wont make the same mistake again.
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