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I have p4c800-e deluxe mother board. This is my very first pc. I need to install the lan driver but can't figure it out. I downloaded the all the drivers from asus. I have them saved on my pc. Can anyone guide me on installing the driver. I tried to install the driver through device manager but won't work.
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  1. If I remember correctly the drivers are .exe files, you can double-click on the file and it should install the driver.
  2. You can download all drivers separately from asus website. So you should be able to point out the lan driver. Once downloaded, extract if needed and click the setup.exe file and off you go.
  3. There are no .exe file for the lan. The files are .dll, .tic, .din, the only thing it has for installing is a notepad with some type of autorun commands and that's it.
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    It's indeed a very strange setup. I think files are missing as they mention a ProSet.exe file in the .ini file. That's the setup executable but it's missing I guess. Contact asus about this.
  5. I found out that you have to open device manager and go to the realtek and update driver than select the specific place for the driver. Some reson it won't do it over the net. Dingy way to do it. But it works
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