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i want to play red alet.. but i dont know what too,, they need socket number and they said that ipx is not available.. and what is the network destination..
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  1. The transfer protocol IPX is not enabled by default on windows machines anymore. You'll have to enable it if you want to play network games. I'd tell you how, but you failed to mention what OS your using. As a matter of fact I'd give you more info on this, but you haven't even mentioned what your trying to do, or how your trying to do it. Details.
  2. I have had a similar problem with the free Tiberium Sun release, me and my buddy want to play it over lan but Windows 7 doesn't have default IPX support, any help for me?
  3. Check your network properties. You might be able to add IPX. I know you can with XP, I have no clue about Vista/7.
  4. You can't add it, as I said it isn't supported by default.
  5. Anyone tried searching the net for an answer? I'd like to be more specific, but no one (still!) is listing OS. Here is a possible solution for Vista.
  6. Uhm I said specifically "Windows 7"....

    Also that fix requires Windows xp SP2 which I do not have and every forum where that "fix" was listed had mostly negative comments on it claiming it didn't work.
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