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I am rebuilding my PC. Already have the hardware I think I am going to use, just configure it differently My plan is to have Windows 7 OS on a dedicated Raptor 34 Gb 10,000 RPM drive, then a 1 Tb 7200 RPM (500 Gb x 2) Raid 0 for Games and other applications. Then a 1 Tb Raid 5 array (500 Gb x 3) for Data. This reserves 34 Gb for OS to allow for future Windows creep issues. So is this a pretty good build? Over the top, or just plain stupid? Also, will my current power supply fill the needs for all oof this hardware? I have an Antec, 500 W.
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  1. Raptors are outdated. The new 500GB platter 7200 RPM drives are faster. Just getting a samsung F3 1TB for boot/games would be faster than what you propose (or two Samsung F3 500GB raid 0).

    The new thing to do for really fast boot times is get an SSD for a boot drive. Unfortunately they are still fairly expensive and rapidly improving.
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