Ati radeon hd 4850 driver update problem

I'm having some problems with my ati radeon hd 4850 graphics card i bought it about a year ago and now it started to act up...for example i try and play a game(any game) and after a minute or so the screen gets all blury and eventually it goes black and i need to restart my pc.I went on
and there isn't even an ati hd 4850 series in there only 4800 and 4890(i have windows xp pro) i also tried
and still it didn't work...i've been trying every single update for it and it still doesnt work.The next thing i can do is either buy a new graphics card and i dont wanna do that just yet.So if anyone can help i'd really appreciate it.
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  1. Check your temps card first to find out whether this is an overheating problem or not...
    Also, list the rest of your system here...
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