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ASUS P5QC booting issue

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July 19, 2010 9:12:29 PM

Hello all,

Last saturday I installed a wireless network card (which was all fine and dandy) and I was requested to update my AVG antivirus. I postponed for a few hours as I was working on the computer. Then hit the restart button promp and let it do its thing. However when I returned 1min later, the screen was on, but just blank (powered pixels all black) with PC on. Hmmm.

Now here where the issues started. A restart provided the same outcome, it beeps once, but the screen stays blank, it wont get into ASUS splash page (loading / access to BIOS etc) / windows load. I randomly hit F8 on the key board to try and see if I could get into BIOS etc. Low and behold it worked. The ASUS splash screen appears and then windows loads.

So I removed AVG from the system thinking that was the issue. No fix. Removed the new wireless card and software. No fix. No problem to re-format the C drive so I did this. Needed a clean up anyway. No fix. System beeps once. Then hangs.

If I restart the PC once I'm into windows the pressing of F8 (or infact any key I have found out) doesnt work. The system hangs at blank. If I hit the power button the machine goes off (hard reboot). Hit it again and then it beeps and I hit the keyboard. It loads! Everytime.

Is this an issue with my BIOS? Why on earth does hitting the keys on the keyboard make it boot. I have removed all connections into the back of the PC and it doesnt POST. Only pressing keys after a hard reboot does it work! Very strange! Apart from the hitting keys at POST everything is fine. But something must be wrong somewhere.

Any suggestions? Thinking of reflashing the BIOS. Hmmmm.

(ASUS P5QC motherboard, Windows XP SP3 etc)

Cheers. Dave

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July 20, 2010 12:47:07 PM

Very strange issue. However before flashing the bios, I would try resetting it. Just remove the battery on the motherboard for about half a minute and put it back then. Then start the pc.