Issues with GTX 560 ti overclocking

Hi all, how are you guys? :D
so, i have a Palit gtx 560 ti 1gb (not Sonic)
which core clocks at 822 mhz..

i then use MSI afterburner and oc it to 955mhz,
i then run Witcher 2 at ultra setting with JUICY fps.
but, after 20 minutes, POOF! the game restarts and my card was back at 822mhz :(

wats the issue here? am i doing GPU oc-ing wrongly?
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    1depp1 said:
    wats the issue here? am i doing GPU oc-ing wrongly?

    Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware !

    To answer your question plainly, yes you're doing it wrong.
    I won't try to explain it all to you how to overclock an Nvidia GPU, because there are a lot of guides already on the Internet.
    But basically what happened is that your Nvidia Display Driver crashed because your GPU wasn't stable at a 955MHz frequency.
    You need to do some stability testing before starting to play. Also, the most important thing in overclocking is patience. Always increase the frequency by small amounts, then test for stability using OCCT GPU.

    You can take a look at this most excellent guide. Even though it's 2 years old the principle stays the same.

    You should also know that you probably won't be able to do any voltage tweaks.

    Good luck,
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  3. thanks alot al360!
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