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Sandisk flash drive all messed up

I get errors if i try to right click and format or delete partitions or change drive letters.
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  1. I should include how it got to this point.

    I used the flash disk to creating a boot disk for a chromebook repair. Afterwards, I plugged it into my computer, right clicked and hit format. I must not of paid attention because it formatted it in a 2MB flash drive. I think I tried to reformat it again and somehow it got messed up.
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    You need a utility to do the format I think. Something a bit more aggressive than Windows.

    I found one on cnet that may do the trick:;9#rateit

    I have seen this sort of thing before in Linux. I had to go back and use Linux to reformat a HDD.
  3. Thanks! Although the tool said the drive was write-protected, it did make the system able to detect it again and somehow I was able to format it with the windows tool.
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