Adjusting Fan Speed on BIOS

Using a Packardbell TS11HR
Wanted to intervene the fan speed but it is not allowed as far as I see, cause there is no option for fans on application called "SpeedFan"

So wondered if I can tweak it on BIOS. Entered there, but couldn't see anything related to Fans.
Is there a deeper option part for BIOS which is tricky to reach ?
Or any other way to control the fan speed
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  1. i have never gotten speedfan to adjust fans on 4 seperate systems
    the only way it could control the fans is if they are PWM or 4 pin.... your trying to adjust a laptop's fans? is it getting too hot?
  2. When playing game is reaches around 80-85 degrees
    When the system is running with, lets say, chrome browser it is around 56 degrees (this is the highest degree for one of the cores, minimum is 48)

    Yes I'm trying to adjust a laptop fan.
    Have no idea what PWM and 4 pin is :)

    im not much into mobile stuff, so some people may have a better solution lined up

    and PWM is what controls fan speeds, non pwm fans will always run 100%
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