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This is probably a bizarre idea, but I don't think it's covered anywhere. Basically, I've got a lot of surplus RAM modules, most but not all of the same speed, timing, capacity, etc. - in particular, 128MB SDRAM. That's about too low to be useful anymore except on the rare motherboard that has more than two slots for adding SDRAM (and supports larger amounts of RAM in the first place). But, I've got about 1.4GB of SDRAM in 128MB modules; not to mention some DDR RAM and various laptop RAM modules (again, too small to be really useful given the limited upgrading capability of laptops - lack of more than about two slots for upgrading). On some of my older, but still usable, systems (mainly those running versions of Linux) that amount could make a significant difference in performance, but for the limitations of the motherboard. I could buy a new motherboard, but it would likely still have the same physical limitations on the maximum memory it can address.

It does seem a shame for there to be nothing to do with this RAM. Is there some kind of obscure "memory adapter", maybe using a PCI adapter connection or something, where you could plug in all this extra RAM and actually put it to some kind of use? Think Windows Vista/7 "ReadyBoost" (although I realize it might not be suitable for that purpose...).

Now, I know that adding it to a system that uses a different type &/or timing of RAM would normally cause all kinds of problems. Still, I just wonder if there's something to be done with all this outdated RAM. Maybe some kind of device that uses it for the same purpose as virtual memory (I know the effective speed of some kind of adapter wouldn't be the same compared to being actually plugged in to the motherboard).

Anyway, this is probably a totally nonsensical question so keep the flames to a minimum! It just seems a waste for all of it to go to waste... Has anyone else ever thought of this?
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  1. I would sell them on your local craigslist for $5 each.
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