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Hello, newbie to forum and wanting your advice and input regarding my UPS situation. I am currently installing a rather sophisticated IP cameras system with WLAN Radios to transmit images. I had the plant electrician dedicate my 120 volt circuits for the UPS. As I understand due to the facilities power consumption I have dirty power. As explained to me the 60Hz noise and or fluctuation is causing my UPS to shut off run on battery and I have even damage some.

My question is will a AC to DC back to AC Sine wave UPS help clean up the +/- hertz swings and keep my equipment from any further issues or ar least be a better solution ? There has to be a better solution than the one I have attempted. Also as I understand they paid someone to install a 200k line conditioner to the office because of this problem. Currently they use APC ups systems and calibrate them. Would appreciate some help!!

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  1. A line conditioner would surely help, without a doubt!

    An inline UPS (because it travels through the battery) has some power conditioning. A standby UPS has minimal power correction.

    Your power supplies probably have an Active PFC, and that will take almost any power source and clean it up.
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