Graphic card will not display 25% of the time on initial startup?

Hello Community. I need help.

I have:
ASUS Maximus 2 formula Mobo.
3ghz dual core
Sapphire 4890 stock overclocked to 870mhz.
32" LCD HD
8gigs of ram
Vista Ultimate X64

My problem is a very annoying one.
About 25% of the time when I turn the PC on my video card will not display anything at all and the video card fan goes full speed.

I have a LCD poster for this Mobo and it will hang up in VGA Bios.

If I hit the power button it will turn off.

When I turn it back on it boots properly with no signs of problems.

I have already tried installing the latest ATI drivers which went fine and making sure it is at factory settings.

However it still will not boot properly every time.

I would say it will boot right 75% of the time.

This is a new one for me and I can not seem to diagnos why it is doing this.

Oh and I have gone through my mobo bios and did not see any red flags. Nothing is overclocked either.

Has anyone had this happen to them and is it fixable?
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  1. Tried re-seating the card ?
  2. How do you rest the card?
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