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Hello, I have decided to possibly build my own PC.

What am I looking at? Well..

o Intel i7 920 processor, looking to overclock it up to 4ghz (most likely 3.6-3.8 ghz though)
o Crossfire of 5850's (possibly 5870's, if they become cheaper, or may just get a single GPU for the time being)

I noticed, there are VGA blocks being sold, as GPU water coolers - but how do they work? Do I have to buy a separate pump/radiator and the tubing as to get water flowing through these blocks (for an example of the blocks I am talking about -

Is there any water cooling systems, preferably internal, which is good to purchase for both CPU and GPU? If they have to be brought separate, can people give some examples? I would really like water cooling on both the CPU and GPU(s).

Lastly, gaming cases, what's hot and what's not.
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  1. VGA blocks have to be installed inside the card. You have to unscrew the plate screws, remove heatsinks, and install the block. You don't need an additional radiator as long as you already have one. You will need more hose, obviously.

    Swiftech is very well reviewed and is a top choice among most respected techsites. Make sure you pick a system with the correct socket block. They all look very similiar but are off by a few millimeters which makes all the difference.

    Coolermaster's ATCS 840 is one of the best cases out there and is made for liquid cooling. Also it comes at a reasonable price [:bohleyk]
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